Store4 tracks every phase of your business sales process, from your initial contact with a lead right through to the final invoice and billing. Our goal is for all companies to be able to fulfil their maximum potential by using our app to simplify and speed up their business processes.

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Track every phase of your business sales process

In our experience working with clients, one problem we see time and time again is that companies are forced to use multiple complex cloud and desktop applications to cover their needs.

Entrepreneurs waste time and money switching between applications, many of which lack the features they require. What bothered us the most is that there was no application on the market that clients from all industries could adjust to their needs, volume, and budget.

When we talked to our clients, we found that they all had sales as a common ground. From freelancers to enterprise companies, all these businesses needed to sell their goods and services. They wanted a clear, transparent application that helped them boost their sales process.

That’s why Store4 is built primarily around an advanced sales system and private social network for fast and secure team correspondence. Store4 allows users to choose from different modules that suit them and their budgets, upgrading and downgrading as necessary.

In time, Store4 will offer a vast, integrated sales system for multiple industries and business processes such as project management and help desk functionality. At present, Store4 is a combination of several modules (CRM, ERP, and Social), and the final user price is determined by the number of modules chosen, the number of licences needed, and the application type.

Cloud Solution

Store 4 is cloud application, this means you can run it from any place in the world, you'll only need a internet connection!

ERP & CRM system

It’s one centralized location which integrates - product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing — in a single database and user interface.

Modules & Plugins

You can easily upgrade your Store4, and tailor it by your likings. It is fully customizable modular application.

100 % secured payments

Store4 follows rigorous and very strict security standards. All reasonable precautions have been taken to protect the confidentiality of all information transmitted during transactions on Store4.

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Store4 - a solution for every sales business

Depending on the size of a business and its needs, users can choose between a simple SaaS application (ideal for startups, small businesses, and solo entrepreneurs who need limited features), and an Enterprise licence with more intensive features like the ecommerce, email marketing, and the ability to develop custom modules.

  • Components

    The problem for today’s entrepreneurs is that the sheer amount of different applications needed to build and develop a successful company actually stalls growth. Businesses waste too much time, money, and energy on switching between apps and moving data from one place to another. The ability to purchase additional licences for a growing number of employees and buy new modules of business expansion solves this problem.

  • App On-The-Go

    Create your app on-the-go from our store, but if you need more for your business, we can tailor app based completely on your business needs.

  • Premium Support

    In case you need it, we got you covered, with our premium quality fast support service. You'll get lifetime free updates as we improve or add new features.

Store4 Enterprise

While building your company’s application, we’ll leverage the entire package of skills and techniques in our arsenal and create an attractive, high-quality solution. Our projects range from designing new Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms to mobile, web and cloud-deployed applications.

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Join as Designer

Modify Store4 design for your client or create eCommerce themes on top of our framework using standard libraries like Twitter Bootstrap and Saas.

Join as Developer

If you join our partner network, or if you already purchased an enterprise licence for you or your client, you will be able to build your custom logic on top of the Store4 framework.

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