Store4 Forms

Store4 Forms

Create simple and yet at the same time – stunning forms in just click of a button.

Instead of manually collecting data and managing dozens of paper forms, bring your business to the 21. century by digitalizing your day-to-day paperwork.

Forget about inputing piles of form data into the database, and it be automatically done with Store4 Forms.

There are numerous of benefits of using Store4 Forms, some of them are :

Data Entry Optimization 

Streamlining the way data is captured makes it easier to generate meaningful reports from that data.

Workflow Efficiencies 

Let the users fill out forms faster – electronically, Its quicker for staff to fill out forms with pre-populated fields instead of manually inputting them.

Cost Savings

Reduce costs of your printing, postage and physical storage solutions ( filling cabinets ).

Waste reduction

Eliminate / reduce the use of paper, start being more environmentally friendly with Store4 Forms.

You can even email forms to anybody anywhere with our in-built Store4 emailing system.

Here are some of the Store4 Forms features worth mentioning:

  • Drag. Drop. Go - create nice forms with just a mouse
  • Create responsive forms with subforms - forms are automatically responsive on every device, also you can create forms within forms.
  • Share with bigger audiences - immediatelly share your forms on the social network, or send them via email.
  • Analyze forms on the go  - wherever you can get real on-time data
  • Create lookups - your personal search assistant

Store4 Forms requires Store4 Sales, this means you have to have valid Store4 Sales licence so we can extend it with S4 Forms module.

Key Features:

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Receive email notification for this comments reply

Product Support

Item support includes:
  • Answering technical questions about porduct’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets
  • 24 hour support
item support does not include:
  • Customization services
  • Installation services

Is installation necessary and what operating systems are supported?

Store4 is cloud appplication and it can be used immediatelly after licence purchase. Installation is not required and you only need to have modern internet browser.

Which internet browsers are supported?

You only need to have modern internet browser. We have tested most of internet browsers, but application works best on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. We don't recommend Internet explorer.

Is application working on mobile devices?

Store4 is responsive application and it works on all mobile devices ( including iOS and Android). But for best use, we recommend tablets and/or modern mobiles with higher resolution.

Is hosting and data backup included in price?

Hosting and backups are included in price regardless of licence numbers. Data backup is done daily.

Is it possible that application runs on our server and if it will cost less?

Yes, that option is only possible for enterprise licence. Price is charged by number of licences and it is possible to have application on any server, but then, data backup is not included in the price.

Is it possible to switch licences?

In case of of an increase in the number of employees and the volume of business, we recommend switch to enterprise package. In case of switching of enterprise, we conduct – by a small fee – data transfer from SaaS to our enterprise system.