Store4 Forms
by Ivan Dubravac 12 Feb 2019

A digital form is an electronic version of a paper form. Embrace the 21. century using one of the best forms creators software's today!

Store4 Forms

„Forms“ , Have you ever been less excited by a word? Probably not. However, whether you like it or not, forms are daily part of businesses. They're tirelessly working to take data and information from people and use that data to turn it into action.

If you are reading this, you probably know you need a form for something – and this blog post is the best place to start.

Days when we've fullfilled paper forms are long gone, and if you haven't been greeted yet i want to welcome you to the 21. century with new electronic forms that will help your business in numerous ways.

Stop manually collecting Data from paper forms, and wasting countless of hours importing them to the database. Instead of doing it all manually, automate it with Store4 Forms.

Store4 Forms lets you create simple – yet beautifull forms with just a click of a button.

Here are some of the benefits of using Store4 Forms :

  • Data Entry Optimization – Streamlining the way data is captured makes it easier to generate meaningful reports from that data
  • Workflow Efficiencies – Let the users fill out forms faster – electronically, Its quicker for staff to fill out forms with pre-populated fields instead of manually inputting them
  • Cost Savings – Reduce costs of your printing, postage and physical storage solutions ( filling cabinets ), embrace the technology
  • Waste reduction – Eliminate / reduce the use of paper, start being more environmentally friendly with Store4 Forms.

Using Store4 Forms gives you access to every form in any location. You save time and money that others are spending on the pre-printed forms. Filling in forms electronically on your computer or mobile devices eliminates the costs of printing, storing, and distributing paper forms. The forms can be filled in faster and they are more accurate because digital forms can be looked up automatically and validation of information can be made.

Store4 Forms is a part of Store4, an online cloud business sales automation and management software. Manage your complete business from one platform on any device. After you've red all, what are you waiting for? Try Store4 Forms for 1. month free!